Charles Sanders Peirce (1839-1914) is unique in American intellectual history and is of seminal importance for modern thought. He was a tireless and brilliant thinker whose extensive writings have received international attention for over a century. Remarkably, however, much of what Peirce wrote remains in manuscript form, unpublished and in significant disarray. There has never been a comprehensive edition of Peirce's writings organized chronologically and edited according to current scholarly practices. The Peirce Edition Project was established in 1976 and has been part of IUPUI's School of Liberal Arts since 1983.

Its mission is to organize and date the manuscripts and to produce an approved scholarly edition of Peirce's writings. This work is assisted by an internationally recognized team of advisors and contributors. Six volumes (of a projected thirty) have been published by Indiana University Press and plans are underway for a parallel electronic edition.

With its extensive collection of primary and secondary materials, the Peirce Edition Project has become an international center for Peirce scholarship and research related to Peirce's intellectual accomplishments and interests and attracts students and scholars from many countries to the Indianapolis campus. Locally, the Peirce Edition Project provides training for students seeking practical experience in editing, scholarly research, and development.

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