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In 1994 the Peirce Edition Project instituted the Newsletter as a way of keeping in touch with the many people around the world who have an interest in Peirce and our work. The research carried out at the Project often results in discoveries or information that would be of immediate interest to Peirce scholars, and we did not like having to wait for years to announce our findings until the relevant edition of the Writings could be published. In fact, many of the interesting things we discover would never be included in the critical edition at all. We decided that a newsletter would be a good way to pass on these interesting findings. We also wanted to have a way to let people know when we need help, either for information and ideas, for public endorsement and support, or for financial assistance. The Newsletter has shown promise in serving these purposes.

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Vol 4.1 Spring 2001 (Also available in PDF format)

Vol 3.2 Fall 2000 -- In PDF format

Vol 3.1 Winter 1999 -- In PDF format

Vol 2.2 Winter 1995-96

Vol 2.1

Vol 1.3/4 December 1994

Vol 1.2

Vol 1.1 March 1994



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