List of Peirce Correspondents

This list includes names of persons Peirce sent letters to and/or received letters from, either probably or certainly, and names of people who wrote letters concerning Peirce, a few of which Peirce had copies of, that have been retrieved in different archives. The list also includes names of institutions. We strongly wish that readers interested in this list would look for a number of the names in their local archives in the hope of finding new Peirce-related letters. We expect that thousands of letters by Peirce still survive in unsearched archives both in the U.S. and abroad. Please join the effort in their recovery!

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Abbot, Francis Ellingwood Adams Express Company Adams, Brooks Adams, Charles K. Adams, George B. Agassiz, Alexander Agassiz, Elizabeth C. Agassiz, Louis Aikins, H. Austin Alden, John B. Allen, Col. Vanderbilt Alline, L. M. Allis, E. C. American Academy of Arts and Sciences American Association for the Advancement of Science American Historical Review, The American Mathematical Society American Metrological Society American Society for Psychical Research American Society for the Extension of University Teaching Anster, David Anthony, Andrew V. S. (Sun and Shade) Anthony, R. A. (McVikar, Gaillard Realty Co.) Appleton, D. and Company Appleton, William W. Arnold, Constable, and Co. Arnold, George F. Arnot, Raymond H. Astor Library Astor, John Jacob Atlantic Monthly Ausfeld, H. Austen, D. Austin, Ben W. (Trinity Historical Society, Dallas, Texas) top
Bache, Alexander Dallas Baker, George A. Baker, George S. Baker, Harry T. Baker, Marcus Baldwin, James Mark (Dictionary) Banlina, G. Barnard, Augusta (Mrs. James Munson B.) Barnett, Samuel Barney, William Bartlett, George A. Bartlett, John Batchelor, Charles Becker, George Ferdinand Beekman, Charles K. Bein, Julius Belknap, George E. Bell, Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Benefield, Barry Benjamin, Park Benton, J. G. Bidlack, W. W. Bidlock, J. B. W. Bien, Julius Bierstadt, Albert Bigler, Warren Billings and Stover (Pharmacy) Billings, John Shaw Birdseye, Clarence & Lucien Bishop of Pittsburgh Blake, Francis BoesÚ, Miss Katherine Bogart, John Bolton, H. Carrington Bond & Sons Bookman, The Boston Public Library Boughton, Willis Boutelle, C. O. Bouton, C. F. Bowen, Francis P. Bradford, Gamaliel (1831-1911) Bradford, J. S. Bradford, Rosalie M. BradyÍs National Photographic Galleries Braid, Andrew Brennan, Alfred BrentanoÍs (Publishers) Brian, H. T. Broderick, Florence M. Brooklyn Eagle, The Brown University Library Brown, Francis H. Brown, George W. Brown, Homer J. Brown, John Howard (Lamb Dictionary) Brown, M. K. Browne, G. W. Browne, William H. Brownell, Eleanor Olivia (Secretary, Bryn Mawr College Philosophical Club) Bryce, Lloyd Bryner, Douglas Buchanan, J. R. Bucherer, Alfred H. Bull, C. W. Burhaus, F. D. (Denver University) Burlong Reality Corp. Bush, W. T. Butler, George Bernard Butler, H. C. Butler, Howard Russell Butler, Nicholas Murray Butler, William C. Byerly, William Elwood top
Cabot, Richard Cajori, Florian Calderoni, Mario Calvi, Mr. Cambridge Historical Society Cambridge University Press Campbell, Douglas Campbell, Harriett Mumford Campbell, William A. Campbell, William Wallace Cantor, Georg Cantor, Moritz Carlin, Miss Anna Carnegie Institution Carnochan, Mrs. Carty, Thomas J. Carus, Paul Cattell, James McKeen Century Club Century Company (Century Dictionary) Chadwick, John White Chamberlin, T. C. Chandler, Seth C. Chandler, William Henry Chaney, H. J. Charles Tudor Wing, Mrs. Chase, Pliny Earle Child, Francis J. Chilson, Gardner Choate, Joseph H. Christern, J. W. Civil Service Commission Clark University Clark, A. & Company Clark, Alvan Clark, Dodge & Company Cleaves, Thomas P. Clement, Joseph C. Clifford, H. E. Clifford, William Kingdon Clinton, Henry F. Clothilde, Sister M. (Jeanne d'Arc Home) Clusten, D. Coan, Titus Munson Coffin, J. H. C. Colby, F. M. Collins, Charles Colonna, B. A. Comstock, George Coner, Elliott Conger, Abraham B. Cooke, Jay, and Company Cooke, Josiah P. Cooper, Theodore Cooper, W. G. Cooper, W. W. Cornell, C. J. Corral, F. J. del Coschina, James Cosmopolitan Magazine Cotting, B. E. Coutts, Charles Couturat, Louis Craig, Robert Craig, Thomas Cranford, Irving Smith Creighton, J. E. Crofts, J. M. Cummings, Prentiss Cupples and Schoenhof Curtis, Mattoon Monroe Cutts, G. C. Cutts, Richard D. top
d'Aulby, Francesca d'Aulby, John Edward, Count (or Maryon-Daulby) Dadirrian, A. Dana, Charles Anderson Dana, James D. Daniel, A. T. Daniells, Miss Davidson, George Davis, Charles Henry (1807-77) Davis, Charles Henry (his son) Davis, Ellery W. Davis, F. duPont Davis, Louisa De Morgan, Augustus Dean, Frank Dean, George W. Deegan, J. Dembitz, Lewis N. Denver University Derby, George DeVinne, Theodore L., and Co., Printers DeVoe, F. W., and Company Dewey, John Dick, Joseph Diederman, C. G. Director, Institut Cartographique Militaire (Belgium) Ditmars, J. R. Ditty, Thomas W. Dodd, George B. Donaldson, R. S. Doughty, J. Walter Dow, F. M. Drake, A. W. Drake, J. C. Drum, R. C. Drummond, J. Wyman (DeVoe & Co.) Dunbar, Margaret E. top
E. H. Ropes, Mrs. Easton, D. H. Easton, Nelson S. Edmunds, James R. Eichelman (Coast Survey) Eisemann, L. Eiseneauer, L. Eliot, Charles W. Elliot, Charles E. Elliott, E. J. Ellis, Benjamin P. Ellis, Helen P. Ellis, Sally Mills (Mrs. Richard Cobb) Ellis, William R. Emery, Woodward Emmons, S. F. Engle, J. S. Esberg, L. Eshleman, Edwin M Estes & Lauriat Evans, B. Evening Post (NY) Everett, William top
Fahie, John Joseph Fairfield, W. B. Fancher, B. H. Farquhar, Henry Farrington, W. H. (Van Nostrand Co.) Fay, Charles Norman Fay, Charles Fay, James H. Feany, H. Felton, Cornelius C. (& Mrs.) Ferrero, Annibale Fifth Avenue Bank Findlay, Mr. Fine, Henry Burchard Fiske, John Fiske, Thomas S. Fletcher, E. A. Flexner, Abraham Foober, George M. Forkas (Stein-Gray Drug Co.) Frankland, Frederick William Franklin, Christine Ladd Franklin, Fabian Franklin, Margaret Fransch, Hans A. Fraser (Century Co.) Frazee, Elmer E. Frazer, Persifor Frissell, A. S. Frodsham, G. W. Fuertes, E. A. Fullerton, George S. Funk, Isaac K. (Funk and Wagnalls) top
Gage, Lyman S. Gaillard, Alberic Gallatin, D. B. Gallup, George H. Gannett, Henry, Dr. Gardam, Joseph Gardiner, A. S. Garrettson, F. P., & Co. Garrison, Annie M. Garrison, Wendell Phillips (The Nation) Gautier, P. Gest, John M. Gibbs, J. Willard Gibbs, Wolcott Gibson, Mrs. R. A. Giddings, Franklin H. Gill, Edith Gwynne Gill, J. Thompson Gill, Theodore Gill, William Fearing Gilman, Benjamin Ives Gilman, Daniel C. Ginn and Company Girard Trust Company Gismond, E. G. Gles, George Goddard, Charles H. Godkin, E. L. Goodale, George L. Goodwin, William W. Gordon, Hamilton S. Grace, J. W. Graham, Miss Greely, Adolphus W. Green, J. Greenslet, Ferris Griswold, J. A. Grow, J. F. Gruening, Dr. E. Guthrie, Edwin top
Hague, Arnold Haines, J. Harvey Hall, Asaph Hall, Edwin Herbert Hall, G. Stanley Halsey, Frederick A. Halsted, George Bruce Hammond Company Hanus, Paul H. Harding Newell & Compan Harriman, Sarah F. Harris, B. Harris, William Torrey Harrison, A. M. Harrison, G. H. Hart, Arthur Bushnell Harvard College Harvard College Library Harvard Coûperative Society Hastings, Charles Sheldon Hathaway, Philip Hawley, Thomas D. Hawthorne, Julian Heany, H. Heath, D. C. and Company Hegeler, Edward C. Hein, Samuel Henry, Joseph Herald Tribune Herschel, John Hewitt, Edward R. Higgins, Charles R. Hilgard, Julius E. Hillebrand, W. F. Hincourt (d'), Pierre Fourier Hirsch, William Hiss, Donald Hitchcock, Ripley Hitchcock, Thomas Hobart, Mrs. James C. Hodge (Smithsonian Inst.) Hodges, N. C. D. Hodgman, C. Cecil Hodgson, Richard Hoffman, S. S., & Company Holden (Real Estate) Holden, Edward S. and Mary C. Holgate, Thomas F. Holman, S. W. Holmes, Oliver Wendell, Jr. Holt, Edwin B. Holt, Henry Hooper (Century Dictionary) Hoover, J. T. Hopkins, Charles Jerome Hopkins, Dunlap, Mrs. (Ellen) Horsford, Eben N. Houghton, Mifflin & Co. Howard, J. R. Howe, E. Howe, Tracy, Jr. Howison, G. H. Hubbard, Mrs. A. E. Hughes, James H. Huntington, Daniel Huntington, Edward S. Huntington, Edward V. Huntington, Frederic Dan Huntington, Julie F. Huntington, Mary E. Huntington, William Reed Husik, Issac Hyatt, A. Hyatt, Tracy Hyde & Brothers Hyde's J. E., Sons top Iardella, C. T. Ibanez, Carlos Illustrated American Independent (The) Ingraham, Andrew International Cyclopedia (The International Year Book) top
Jackson, Margaret Jacobi, Mary Putnam, Dr. James, Alice H. (Mrs. William James) James, Henry, Jr. James, William Jameson, John Franklin Jastrow, Joseph Jesurun, Edward Jevons, W. Stanley Jodee, A. H. Johns Hopkins University Johnson, R. U. Johnson, Thomas M. Jones, M. B. Jourdain, Philip Edward Bertrand top
Karr, W. W. Kehler, James Howard Keith, Revel Kellogg, Mrs. C. Kelso, Tessa L. Kempe, Alfred Bray Kennedy, George F. Kennedy, V. E. Keyser, Cassius J. Kiernan, Thomas J. Kimmel & Company King, Clarence Kinghorn, Henry B. Kittredge, R. Kline, B. J. Jr. Knight, Harry E. Knight, Mrs. C. A. Kudlich, W. T. top
Ladd-Franklin, Christine LaFarge, John Lafleur, Paul T. Lalande, AndrÚ Lamb Dictionary Lane, George M. Langley, Samuel P. (Smithsonian Institution) Larkin, Adrian H. Lassiter, B. S. Lathrop, Francis Lawrence, W. Betts Lawrence, W. H. Lefavour, Edward B. Leidy, Joseph, Jr. Leonard, Dr. Henry S. Libbie, C. F. and Company (Auctioneers of Literary Property) Library of Congress Lincoln, F. Lodge, A. C. M. (Mrs. Henry Cabot Lodge) Lodge, George Cabot Lodge, Henry Cabot Longfellow, Henry W. Lorrey, Miss Loveless, Edwin H. Lowell Institute Lowell, Abbot Lawrence Lowell, Augustus L. Lowell, Percival Luby, E. F. Lucie, Sister M. Lunt, Adelaide (Mrs. George Lunt) Lutoslawski, Wincenty Lyman, C. top
MacArthur, John R. Macbeth, William MacColl, Hugh Macdonald, Duncan Black Macfarlane, Alexander Mackey, Mr. Macmillan and Company MacVeagh, Wayne Magoun, George F. Manhattan Storage Compa Mann, W. E. Margaret & Dunbar Maria, Sister Marindin, Henry L. Marquand, Allan Marquis, A. N. (Who's Who) Marsh, O. C. Marshall, Henry Rutgers Marston, William Staples Martins, Mrs. D. Matthews, Miss H. Mayer, Alfred Marshall Maynard, Allan Mayo, E., General McCallan & Gould McCarthy, H.F. McClintock, W. E. McClure Encyclopedia McClure, S. S. McCormack, Thomas J. McCoy, L. S. McDonald, Samuel G. McGee, William John McKinley, William, President McKinney, Thomas Emery McLaughlin, Laura Men of Nineteen-Fourteen Mendenhall, Thomas Corwin Merriam Co. Merritt, Thomas Merton, S. D. Merzbach, Lotta E. Metcalf & Company Metcalf, Lorettus Sutton Metropolitan Club Meyer, N. E. Meyer, Otto Meyers, R. F. Michaelis, Kate W. Michaelis, O. E. Michelson, Albert A. Mighill, R. S., & Company Miller, Charles Ransom Miller, Dickinson S. Miller, George A. Miller, W. Milwaukee Soldier's Monument Mind (Editor) Mitchell, Henry Mitchell, Oscar Howard Mitchell, W. & G. Mitchell, Weir Monist, The Montague, William Pepperell Montgomery, Edmund Montgomery, Thomas J. Moore, Eliakim H. Moore, John Constable More (The Nation) Morgan, William B. Morison, George Shattuck Morley, Edward Williams Morley, Frank (American Journal of Mathematics) Morris, M. F. Morrison, Justin Morse, Edward Sylvester Mott, S. D. Mottelay, C. Mottelay, Paul Fleury Muirhead, Helen Quincy MÄnsterberg, Hugo Murphy, Joseph John Murrean, P. Myers, Luke F. top
Nagle, James F., Dr. Nation, The National Academy of Sciences National Cyclopedia of American Biography Nattinger, Mr. Nautical Almanac Neidlinger, William New York and Hartford Publishing Company New York Evening Post New York Herald New York Mathematical Society New York Sun New York Times Newcomb, Mrs. M. C. Hassler Newcomb, Simon Newell, Mrs. K. B. Newell, William Wells Nichols, Herbert Norris, Howes, Jr. North Adams NYC University Club top
O'Connell, C. J. O'Neill, W. R. Ogden (The Nation) Olavus, William Oliver, James Edward Open Court Publishing Company Osgood, James R. Osgood, William F. Osler, William Otis, William K. top
Padgett, J. W. & Company Palmer, Edward Henry Papini, Giovanni Park and Tilford Parker, George F. Parsons, John W. Patents, Commissioner of Patterson, Carlile P. Peabody Institute (Baltimore) Peck, George Mann Peirce, Benjamin (father) Peirce, Benjamin Mills (brother) Peirce, Charlotte Elizabeth (aunt) Peirce, Harriet Melusina Fay (first wife) Peirce, Herbert H. D. (brother) Peirce, James Mills (brother) Peirce, Juliette (second wife) Peirce, Sarah Mills (mother) Perot, Reverend Elliston Perry, Bliss Perry, Thomas Sergeant Peters, W. K. Philbin & Beckman Philosophical Society of Washington Pickering, Edward Charles Pierce, Butler and Pierce, Mfg. Co. Pierce, Josiah, Jr. Pierpont, J. P. Pierson, T. H. Pike County Press Pinchot, Amos E. R. Pinchot, Gifford Pinchot, James W. (and Mrs.) Platt, Orville H. Players Club Plimpton, George Arthur Pope & Cole Porter, J. A. (McKinley's secretary) Portin, J. M. Postmaster (Milford) Potter, H. C. Potter, John E. Pourtal¶s, L. F. de Powell, John Wesley Prang, L. and Company Preston, E. D. Price, Dr. H. R. Princeton University Library Pritchett, Henry S. Proctor, John R. Purdon, John E. Putnam, G. P. Putnam, Herbert (Library of Congress) top Quaritch, Bernard Quick, Eleanor & Maria Quincy, Edmund Quincy, Josiah (1802-1882) (& Mrs.) Quincy, Josiah Phillips ("Cousin Jo") Quincy, K. M. top
Rathbun, Richard Rayleigh, John William Strutt, 3rd Baron Reeder, General Rees, J. K. Remsen, Ira Repsold and Sûhne Repsold, H. A. and Sohne Retail MerchantÍs Reporting Association Reyes y Prosper, Ventura Rice, John H. Rice, Sallie B. Richardson, Ernest Cushing Ricketson, John B. Riesenberger, A. Riggs & Company Riggs, G. W. Risteen, Allan Douglas Ritchie, E. S. & Sons Robert, A. Robinson, Lydia (Open Court) Roe, William J. Rogers, Fairman Romeike, Henry Rood, Ogden N. Roosevelt, Theodore Root, Elihu Rose, Mrs. Rothrock, J. T. Rothschild, M. D. Rowan & Bohner Rowland Royce, Josiah Ruby, E. L. Rupp, Adolph Russell and Erwin Mfg. Co. Russell, Francis C. top
Sacksteder, M. A. (Open Court) Saint Lawrence Project (Stewart and Company) San Diego Society of Natural History Sands, B. F. Sanford, J. M., and Hewins and Hollis Schiller, F. C. S. Schott, Charles Anthony Schroeder, Ernst Schroeder, Miss Grace M. Schwatt, Issac J. Science (Weekly) Scott, Charlotte A. Scribner's, Charles and Sons Searle, Arthur Searle, Father George M. Second National Bank (NY) Sedgwick, William Thomson Seitz, Christian T. Sellers, A. Sellers, William Sever, C. M. Sever, Charles W. Shaler, Nathaniel Southgate Shaw, James Byrnie Sheffield, Justus Pearl Sheldon, Wilmon Henry Sheltering Arms Shepard, Charles D. Sherman, John Shippen, Joseph Signal Office Sigrist, Fred. (Open Court) Sigsbee, C. D. Silsbee, Nathaniel Sisgel Cooper Company Skilton, James A. Skinner, Dr. Slaughter, J. W. Smith, Benjamin E. Smith, Edgar F. Smith, Edwin Smith, H. A. Hammond Smith, Irving Carnford Smith, R. F. Smith, Walter M. Smith, William Benjamin Smithsonian Institution Snow, Eben Society of Arts Sûhmer, Mr. (Coast Survey?) Sommer, Ernest J., and Mrs. Lena Sommer Sommer, H. Otto Spangler, Henry J. Spencer, Herbert Springson, Charles H. Sproul, Mrs. George S. Stechert, G. E. Stedman, E. A. Stedman, Edmund C. Steinheil Sûhne Sterneck, Robert von Stevens, B. F. Stewart, Charles P. Stewart, S. H. E. Stewart, William M. Stickney, Albert Stickney, Elizabeth Stimson, D. M. Stokes, Sir George Gabriel Story, William Edward Stott, Charles A. & Company Stout, George Frederick Stowell, A. Strach, Mr. Strong, Charles Augustus Stuart, Henry W. Sullivan, Thomas Russell Swinburns, Mrs. W. T. Sykes, Elizabeth M. top
T. Groom & Co. Taber, Henry Tait, Anna D. T. Tait, John R. Talcott, T. W. R. Tatlock, John Taylor, Miss E. L. Thayer, William R. Thilly, Frank Thomas, R. & Son Thorn, Frank M. Thurston, Robert Henry Tiffany & Company Tillman, O. H. Todd, David Peck Toller, Samuel Treasury Department Secretary Trevor, Joseph Ellis Trouvelot, L. Trowbridge, John Twining, Kimley (The Independent) top
U. S. Assistant Treasurer United States Coast and Geodetic Survey University of the South top
Vacca, G. (Italy) Vailati, Giovanni Van Etten, J. H. Van Hise, C. R. Van Name, A. Van Nostrand, D. Co. Van Vorlins, Miss L. Venable, Richard M. Vorster, A. H. top
Wagner, Miss J. A. Wake, C. Staniland Walcott, Charles D. Walker, F. Amasa Walker, J. Wallinson Walter, J. M. Walter, Leo Walters, Henry G. Ward, H. B. Ward, William (The Independent) Waring, M. E. (Atlantic Lyceum Bureau) Warner, Joseph B. Warren, H. H. Waterbury Clock Company Watson, John (1847-1939) Watters, Henry Q. WeAmes, A. Webster, Arthur G. Wedderburn, Joseph Henry Maclagan Welby, Lady Victoria Welby, Maria L. H. Welch Bigelow & Compan Welch, C. W. Welles & Company Wellington Brothers Werrey, E. Westermann, B., & Company Weston, Stephen F. White, C. J. White, James T. (National Cyclopedia of American Biography) White, James, and Company Whitney, A. W. Whiton-Stuart, J. P. Wiggam, Albert E. Wight, E. Wilder, Burt G. Wilson, J. Cook Wilson, Louis N. Winchester, W. L. Winlock, Joseph Winsor, Justin Withers, John W. Wives, Captain Wives, M. W. Wolf, C. Woodbridge, Frederick J. E. Woods, Frederick Adams Woods, James H. Wright, Chauncey Wundt, Wilhelm top
Yoder, A. H. Youmans, W. J. Young, Charles Augustus Ziwex, Alexander Zumbrack, A.

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