Over the years the Peirce Project has accumulated important resources in American philosophy and culture, including nationally significant collections of correspondence and papers by Max Fisch and Charles Morris, a substantial library of American thought, and a vast quantity of material directly relating to the life of Charles S. Peirce. This combination of resources and scholarly potential has served as a magnet for scholars and students who are working on Peirce or in areas related to his interests (a broad range of areas including American thought in general as well as semiotics, history and philosophy of science, history and philosophy of logic and mathematics, pragmatism, and more). The Peirce Project has been noted as an important center in Synthese and in The Chronicle of Higher Education, and in acknowledgements to many books and dissertations. Over one hundred scholars from nineteen countries have visited the Peirce Project since 1993. Of the eighty or more graduate students known to have worked on or completed Ph.D. dissertations on Peirce during these years, over twenty have conducted research at the Peirce Project.


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