Peirce Edition Project

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors advises the Dean of Liberal Arts about Project-related administrative and strategic matters and is the main link between the University and the Peirce community. The Board advises the Project Director concerning the edition (especially text selection and production), and assists him with Project development. Board business is conducted via email, telephone conference, or occasional gatherings at professional meetings. The chair of the Board is the main link between the Project Director and the Board membership. All Board members are appointed by the Dean of the School of Liberal Arts for renewable three-year terms.

Chair of the Board

Vincent Colapietro is Research Professor of Philosophy at Penn State University. He was appointed Chair of the Board of Advisors in March 2009 after having been a member since 1998. His responsibilities include representation, critical advice, support, promotion of the Project, and decisional consultation. As Chair of the Board, Colapietro is the main link between the Board and the Project. He is apprised monthly of staff meetings and Project affairs, and advises the Project in matters relating to edition, administration, and development.

Board Membership


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