Peirce Edition Project


André De Tienne, Director and General Editor

(Professor of Philosophy). De Tienne administers the Project, writes grant proposals, raises funds, establishes work plans, oversees inter-university and international collaborations, and maintains contact with I.U. Press. He coordinates the reorganization and dating of manuscripts, finalizes the tables of contents, writes volume introductions, and prepares the volume by volume catalogues of Peirce's writings. He is in charge of the annotations (historical, explanatory, and bibliographical) for the volumes and of the bibliographical research. He is also responsible for the description and selection of alterations to be published in each volume, and for the preparation of the index.


Jonathan Eller, Textual Editor

(Professor of English). Eller traces text genealogies, supervises collations, selects copy-texts, edits Peirce texts according to guidelines deriving from standard textual theory, keeps the record of editorial interventions, and writes the essay on editorial method for each volume. The textual editor is the principal interpreter of modern textual theory for Project operations. He is also the Senior Textual Editor of the Institute for American Thought.


April Witt, Assistant Textual Editor

(MA 2006, ABD, Comparative Literature). Witt assists Eller in collating texts, selecting copy-texts, editing Peirce texts, writing headnotes and textual notes, and keeping the record of editorial interventions. She keeps the Project's "Editorial Guide" up-to-date by recording new policies or modifying old ones according to the evolution of editorial practices in the face of changing textual situations. She is also in charge of illustrations.


Joseph Kaposta, Senior Editorial Associate, Technical

(MLS 1986). Kaposta works with Reynolds to provide accurate transcriptions of Peirce's writings, team-proofreads transcriptions, enters proofreaders' corrections and editorial emendations into transcribed text, types other apparatus-related textual matter, maintains and manages electronic files, both current and archived, helps implement new transcription technology, and assists in laying out the final critical print edition.


David E. Pfeifer, Research Associate

(Professor of Philosophy). Pfeifer assists in identifying, recovering, and resequencing manuscripts from the Harvard archives in order to build the table of contents of given volumes.


Luise H. Morton, Research Associate

(Senior Lecturer in Philosophy). Morton assists in researching and writing annotations for the texts of volumes in progress.



Philosophy graduate students Dereck Coatney and Michael Walden research closely the content of Peirce's texts selected for publication. They draft annotations that identify obscure proper names, provide the bibliographical sources of Peirce's quotations and paraphrases, and furnish cross-references to other relevant primary or secondary sources.


Martha Rujuwa, Principal Secretary

Rujuwa serves as general office manager for the Project and is in charge of all secretarial functions for PEP. She assists the Director with Project administration and oversees visiting researchers.


Megan Lizarme, Administrative Assistant

Liu provides administrative support and assists Rujuwa in fulfilling secretarial functions. She is the Institute for American Thought's administrative assistant.



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