Volume 6 Annotations

The annotations available here in the electronic companion for Volume 6 are, for the most part, identical to those in the print edition. We have made them available online as a convenience for the reader who may find it helpful to access the annotations via computer while reading the print text. We have added abbreviated versions of the cases Peirce and Gurney refer to in their dispute over Phantasms of the Living, and as time permits will make a few further additions.

The annotations are keyed to page and line number of the print edition. For details see Editorial Symbols. Some annotations identify persons whose names may not be widely known, or who are insufficiently identified in the text, and the sources of quotations and paraphrases. For the identification of sources every effort has been made to cite the editions Peirce is known to have owned or had available to him. When this is unknown, or when the edition he used was unavailable to us, the edition referred to is one that was accessible to him. See the Bibliography of Peirce's References for more details. Where Peirce's quotations differ from their sources, either the original is provided or the differences are noted.

Other annotations clarify passages, provide historical background, identify and explain philosophical, mathematical, and scientific terms (often using Peirce's own entries for the Century Dictionary ), or refer to relevant passages elsewhere in Peirce's work. Several annotations contain transcriptions of relevant correspondence, passages from earlier drafts, annotations by Peirce in offprints, etc., that are not incorporated in the text. Sometimes comments and evaluations made by Peirce himself, or by others, are also included. The transcriptions contain occasional corrections in italic brackets, and spelling and punctuation improvements. Mistakes made in tables and calculations that may affect other values given by Peirce or the conclusions he draws, and which for that reason remain uncorrected in Peirce's text, are also identified and explained.

Works quoted by Peirce are cited in shortened form. Complete bibliographic information for them can be found in the Bibliography of Peirce's References. Works referred to by the editors are fully cited in the annotations. For abbreviations used see Bibliographical Abbreviations in Editorial Matter.

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