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It has been several years since the Peirce Edition Project constituency of which you, dear readers, are valued members, has been apprised of developments and achievements in one of the world’s principal centers devoted to Peirce scholarship. We used to prepare a very well received newsletter that was sent to a considerable group of people; it provided a great deal of information about the progress of the edition, questions and answers to specific scholarly problems, director’s reports, brief essays on intriguing documents, and book notices. That newsletter played an important role in building up a supportive constituency and establishing solid relationships that greatly benefited the Project’s developmental plans. Publication of that newsletter, however, never achieved any sort of regularity, and it was discontinued after eight issues that ran from March 1994 to spring 2001 (they can still be accessed on the Project’s website). The last newsletter was thus sent out eight years ago. Since then, the Director sent occasionally fundraising letters with brief progress reports, but nothing approaching the production scale of the now-defunct weighty document. The reason for its demise is straightforward: its production required a fair amount of time and the ever-increasing accumulation of editors’ workload and university commitments kept forcing us to postpone the lowerpriority task of publishing the newsletter until we realized we would never be able to afford resuming it.

Still, providing news about the edition remains essential, and the present letter is designed to do just that, without attempting to replicate the ambitious goals of the bygone newsletter. This letter is divided into a series of rubrics, each dealing with specific aspects of the Project’s organization, plan, staffing, work in progress, and achievements. Those rubrics and others will be regularly updated in future installments of this letter, which will be sent out at least once a year. An electronic version of it is accessible on the Project’s website.

07 July 2009


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